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Florida Learner's License Course  -
  • Required learners license course for Florida first time drivers (§322.095, F.S.)
  • 100% online, no classroom or workbook
  • More video than other online Florida learner's license courses
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Florida Learners License Course

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This is a 4-hour course that the State of Florida requires for all first time drivers who have never had a Florida driver license. This course primarily addresses the dangers that teen drivers face when they make the decision to drive after using drugs or alcohol.

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"I learned a lot from my Florida learners license course. I definitely plan to be a safe and sober driver when I get my Florida license."

– Justin O., Lake City

This course is also sometimes called a drug and alcohol course, first time driver course, tlsae course, or learners permit course. The Florida learners license course can be taken online or in the classroom.

What is the Florida driver license test?

The Florida driver license test (or Class E exam) is a 50-question test that every teen must pass before the Florida driver license office will issue a Class E learner permit to him or her. In other words, you can't get your restricted license until you pass this test!

Some of the questions on the test measure the student's knowledge of Florida road rules, such as when a driver must yield or what a driver is required to do in the presence of emergency vehicles. Other test questions measure the student's ability to identify Florida road signs and pavement markings. All of the questions are multiple choice.

You should study the Florida Driver's Handbook before you attempt the driver license test. You can click this link for immediate access to the Florida Drivers Handbook.

Once you are thoroughly familiar with the driver's handbook, you can take your driver license test online here at DriverLicenseSchool.

Why should I study the Florida Driver's Handbook online?

By studying the Florida driver's handbook online, you will be able to examine the material at your own pace, making the learning experience more effective AND more convenient. This is the way most teens prefer to prepare for their driver license test.

What are the age requirements for the Florida learners license course and the driver license test?

You can take the Florida learners license course and driver license test before you reach your 15th birthday. You must be at least 15 years old before the Florida driver license office will issue a Class E learners license to you.

Who does not need a Florida learners license course?

The following individuals do not have to take a Florida learners license course: 1) Anyone who now has or has had a Florida driver's license; 2) Anyone who now has or has had a license from another state; 3) Anyone who now has or has had a license from a country recognized by the Florida DHSMV.

Need to know more about what is involved with getting your restricted license? See our section on how to get a Florida drivers license.

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